Our Research


Different clients require different kind of research services - be it long term, positional or intraday. This could be based on technical studies and fundamental research involving TOP Down or BOTTOM Up approach. Our research advisory caters to all kind of clients - momentum trading, value investing or Quantitative strategies. This advice is available through our own research portal - Adroit newsdesk and also on our mobile and desktop application. Research support through the market hours is provided to help clients take all trading decisions with ease and conviction.

Unlike conventional technical analysis tools and models which only rely on the historical price movements of the underlying, Our simulation model uses both qualitative as well as quantitative information. The price forecasting model considers over 160 qualitative & quantitative indicators and their combinations to forecast the future price trend of the underlying.

The Simulation model works in three stages


Macro fundamentals (global and domestic) and sentiment indicators are used to define the primary direction of the trade, i.e., buy or sell for the underlying. This remains the primary criterion and if a stock does not fit into this criterion, the trade is dropped without being considered for Stage 2.


Corporate fundamentals are used to define the universe of the underlying stocks, currencies, commodities, bonds etc. A number of quantitative and qualitative criteria and their unique combinations are used in defining the universe. Economic data across the world is fed into the simulation model to cover all bases.


Historical price movement, momentum indicators, Technical and projection tools are used to forecast the achievable price target and the maximum time horizon over which the target could be achieved.

Currency Research

Our core belief is that all traders want relevant, quick and succinct trading information, and we deliver it 24 hours a day. Our team analyse global market news on live basis and pro vide you the information which is trade-worthy and enhances your experience at the trading terminal. Small margin requirements and ease of integration with equity terminals help a retail investor in utilizing the margin and collateral requirements in the best possible manner. Our research desk provides relevant Forex notes, insightful currency reports and customized strategies


Commodities Trading involves trading in gold, silver and other metals and select agricultural commodities such as grains, pulses, spices, oils and oilseeds. It usually involves trading of commodities futures contracts. Commodity prices are relatively less affected by factors influencing the stock markets, and hence, offer an excellent avenue of portfolio diversification for investors. Along with diversification and predictability, an investor can also take advantage of the leverage and the liquidity that the market offers. On daily basis, we provides relevant technical reports, trading calls and detailed market outlook on daily basis